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With the advent of Expo 2020, Dubai is all set to break the records and be one of the best places in the world for Trade & Business. United Arab Emirates welcomes Expats from all over the globe to Invest in Dubai and make their life beautiful with Very High standard of life that Dubai has to offer.


UAE is one of the most celebrated nation in the Arabian Peninsula. United Arab Emirates being one of the richest countries on the Globe with 7th highest GDP per Capita. UAE economy majorly depends upon the Oil & Natural Gas Reserves while Dubai being an exception which has turned out to be a Business Hub globally and a go to tourist place. In a span of 20 years, Dubai has transformed into a Business hub, giving a tough competition to the top cities in the world. From being a dusty desert to an exceptionally appealing business destination Dubai has made its mark in the world of Business as a gateway for capturing expanding markets of Middle East, Asia and Africa. Dubai as a City inspires each nation and city to strive for higher growth and standard of life.
Due to the strong economy and relative stability of Dirham (UAE Currency) many Foreign nationals are interested in relocation to Dubai in Order to pursue their desired Investment objectives and earn a Tax Free income. Dubai’s strategic geographical location plays its part too in attracting the foreign nationals to start up their desired businesses in UAE as it is an Ideal Gateway between the East and West which allows you to target a market of more than 2 Billion people. With the 100% foreign Ownership rights, softened Immigration Laws, world’s finest infrastructural network and excellent communication & connectivity Dubai has all the pre-requisites to offer for a successful business destination.





  • A Vibrant and Thriving Economy: Dubai has been exceptionally outshining the other emirates when it comes to business and innovations. Dubai has shifted its main source of Income from Oil and gas to sectors like Trade, Logistics, transportation and tourism which accumulates to around 60% of the Dubai’s total GDP.
  • Ambitious and Visionary leadership: The leadership of UAE and in particular Dubai have been very successful in transforming the nation into one of the Richest nations globally. The leadership has successfully proven their skills to the world.
  • Investment atmosphere with Govt support : Ministry of Economy and DED is responsible for the economic development and policies of the Emirates. These organizations work and support in creation of a favorable economic environment for the investment by Locals and Foreign Investors.
  • A Favorable Taxation System: UAE has one of the most favorable taxation system globally. With no Income tax and Corporate tax slabbed at the rate of 0% , you earn your Income Tax free as there are no direct taxes. This makes UAE a Tax Heaven for those who want earn a Tax Free income.
  • Legal System : UAE being a member of various international bodies, treaties and conventions that safeguard intellectual property like WIPO, WTO, Paris Convention, PCT, WIPO Copyright treaty, WPPT and the Rome convention. DTAA (Double Tax Avoidance Agreement) signed by UAE with around 120 countries makes Dubai a preferred place by international investors.
  • Strategic Geographical location : UAE is located between Asia, Europe and Africa and the proximity and relationships with manufacturing giants of Asia (China and India) gives UAE a strategic edge to cater the markets of Africa and Europe.
  • One of the world’s finest Infrastructure: When we talk about Infrastructure the place which comes to our mind is Dubai and that is for a reason. UAE has transformed into a smart infrastructure city, With great Metro Network and telecommunication networks.



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