“An Inspiration That Inspire Other Dreams”

The Chairman of SHURAA Group Of Companies “Mr. SAEED KHALIFA MOHAMMED AL FUQAEI” is one of the leading Emirati business entrepreneur, who has diversified many significant commercial businesses as well as given path to new establishments under his dynamic leadership, Business setup being the most prominent of them.

Mr SAEED KHALIFA MOHAMMED AL FUQAEI at an early age advanced a business vision and a strategic mind that evolved the ambitious growth of SHURAA Group Of Companies and ensured that the business embodies through a team of people who share the same determination and vitality towards the company. SHURAA group of companies is best known across the world in providing viable as well as judicial assistance to commercial entities wanting to start a company or business in UAE. Other establishments like Shuraa Tax, Shuraa Advertisement, Shuraa Business Centers, Voltron MEP and GoldStates Hotels are the brainchild of Mr Saeed Khalifa Mohammaed AL Fuqaei and under his dynamic leadership all the companies are market leaders in their respective segments.