Portfolio Management Service


Shuraa offers Portfolio management services (PMS) by professional portfolio managers, Investment in Real Estate, Stocks, Cash, Debt, structured products and other securities are managed by Shuraa’s professional money managers that are tailor made to meet the specific investment objectives of our clients. The portfolio managers at Shuraa carefully construct a long-term action plan for our clients with the aim of bringing higher value in the long term economic scenarios while minimizing the potential loss with the support of our research analysts.

There are broadly two types of PMS

1. Discretionary PMS – The Client has no intervention in the investment process and all the investments are managed by the fund manager.
2. Non-Discretionary PMS – the choice and decision regarding the investment is solely with the investors and the fund manager only suggests the investment ideas.

Your personal relationship team will understand your wealth objectives for self and your family and will work with your family office and third parties as needed. Your personal relationship manager will be a guite to all your exclusive wealth management services. You relationship team includes a dedicated financial advisor who will manage all your assets and work with rest of your personal relationship team to pursue a comprehensive wealth plan.

  • Investment advice
  • Certified Financial Advisor professionals from Shuraa are available for a consultation whenever you need an advice on anything related to your wealth.
  • Wealth & estate planning
  • Shuraa specialists can plan for preserving your health for future generations to come. The estate tax strategies can be discussed to help you develop one.
  • Tax strategies
  • Shuraa Taxation experts can advise you the best ways to minimize your tax burdens. You’ll have access tax team to devise a best strategy in accordance to your taxation goals.