Multinational Presence

Top global Multinational companies including LG, Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, Oracle, Boeing, HSBC, P&G, and BBC World have their regional headquarters based out in Dubai. Company registered in Dubai gives you a reputation of being Multinational and sets you apart from your competition.

Dubai business setup
Easy Business Setup

Easy Business Setup

Setting up Business in UAE has never been as Easy as it gets in Dubai these days. You can get an instant license within 48 Hours and you are well ready to start your business operations in Dubai. UAE is ranked 11th for Ease of doing business as per latest World bank Annual ratings.

Tax Free Income

The UAE’s economy in general is considered to be one of the most liberal and diversified economies across the globe. No Taxation policies for all types of business activities and other direct taxes like Personal Income tax, Capital gain tax, Corporate Tax makes Dubai a Tax Heaven.

tax free
STrategic Location

Strategic Location (Centrally Located)

Dubai is located between Asia, Europe and Africa which makes Dubai an Ideal place for business like Import , Export, IT, Logistics, Hospitality, Event management among others. Dubai has the one of the world’s largest airport and a coastal stretch of 400 miles through which the transportation of goods is facilitated between East and West.

Safe and Secure Environment

Security is one of the distinguished attribute of Dubai. It is one of the safest places in the world with the lowest Crime Index in the world. UAE is stable politically and there aren’t instances of Hate crimes against any community or ethnicity. Indeed Business can grow in a safe environment.

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good lifestyle

Good lifestyle

Dubai offers a high quality of life and living conditions, UAE was ranked No 1 in terms of Quality of life in the whole MEA region and 15th in the world. UAE happens to be the 14th Happiest Nation in the world for a reason…!!!

High Market Economic Potential

Dubai has a very high economical potential as Dubai has turned out to be a Global Business Hub and relative stability of Dirham against dollar makes it a go to place for business owners and availability of High standard Infrastructure helps in capitalizing the global market better.

tax savings

High Tax Savings

The UAE Economy is considered to be a Tax Heaven as there are no primary taxes implied in Dubai. Except from VAT (5%) there is no other taxation that is implied in Dubai which makes it a highly tax saving economy and DTAA with more than 100 countries makes it much more interesting.