Immigrate to Dubai

With the advent of Expo 2020, Dubai is all set to break the records and make Dubai one of the best places in the world for Business. United Arab Emirates welcomes Expats from all over the globe to Invest in Dubai and make their life beautiful with Very High standard of life that Dubai has to offer.


Work Permit must be obtained and sponsored by the licensed company with DED and Ministry of Labor in the UAE. With the exponential growth of Dubai as a business hub, the demand for Human resource has increased at the same pace. With the anticipated growth in UAE market across the sectors, The employment opportunities in UAE are immense for both Skilled and Unskilled human resource.


Documentation required (Employee):

Any foreign Expatriate requires a Residency Visa to live and work in Dubai. The Visa allows the employees to obtain Work permit or Labor card which is issued by the Ministry of Labor.

  • Residency Visa
  • Valid Passport (minimum six month validity required)
  • Applicant’s photograph
  • Valid health certificate
  • Three copies of the employment contract – one for the employer, one for the employee and one for the Ministry of Labor
  • Education certificates and other evidence of professional qualifications
  • Sponsoring company’s valid trade license

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